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Jewellery Care

I love to hear that some people love my jewellery so much they wear it 24/7 (Testimonials). Some pieces, such as my Aluma cuffs and Euglena bangles will generally withstand such wear but will of course suffer attrition over time.

To keep your jewellery looking it's best, it is generally recommended not to swim or shower with it, keep it away from soaps, detergents, chlorine etc. However, I love that my work is worn every day and can be part of people's everyday life. Please be aware that wearing in these types of conditions will hasten the tarnishing and general wear of the jewellery. I am always happy to provide advice on cleaning pieces if you need it, or even give it a little TLC myself if you are happy to cover freight costs or deliver to FIND Collective (Stockists).

Here are some general tips for cleaning silver jewellery:

  • First try using a tissue or soft polishing cloth to wipe away any grease or marks and light tarnish.

  • If a more thorough clean is needed dip the jewellery in warm (not hot) water with a dash of mild detergent with no abrasives or moisturisers such as soaps for woollens or a liquid soap without harsh chemicals. A soft bristle brush (soft tooth-brush) can also be used with bicarb soda to get grime out of crevices. Rinse well and wipe with a soft cloth and dry using a clean, soft cloth.

  • If the jewellery has a satin or textured surface do not use a polishing cloth as this may remove some of the detail from the surface. Contact me for advice on cleaning matt finished jewellery.

  • Brass can be cleaned with a paste of lemon juice and bicarb soda. Simply rub it on and wipe off. If heavily tarnished leave the paste on the surface for around 5 minutes before wiping off.

Personally, I love the fact that our jewellery ages with us and alters in appearance over time. In fact some of my pieces are specifically designed with that in mind. However, if you have any concerns about cleaning your jewellery, please contact me for advice and / or assistance.