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"Each time we don the jewelry of your creation, we smile. Each piece continues to incite interest and interesting conversation with others whose notice is captured by their beauty and uniqueness."
Liam, California USA

"The whole thought of creating these precious pieces is so soothing in a world full of false glitter..."
Gretchen, Boston USA

"Thanks so much Karin! Lauren loves the bangle and the plan is for her not to take it off!
Sam, Queensland

"I still treasure my Coco ring (white) and Distant Relations ring...they both remind me of the beautiful times spent in Tasmania a number of years ago now!!"
Christine, NSW

"They (Euglena bangles) are divine! Thank you! Received them yesterday. They are the perfect size. I wouldn’t mind a few more!! "
Cheryl, Victoria

"They (Euglena bangle & ring) came today and I LOVE them!!! Perfect fit both of them and just so so beautiful. Thank you so much, Karin, absolutely love your work"
Jessica, NSW